Galleria di Scienze Naturali - Reptiland


The living reptiles, arachnids and insects are the survivors of innumerable old species, and many of them remain ignored  included in their fossil state in rocks or lost in the depth of the seas. 

The suggestive frame of the “Galleria Città di Riva” offers the fascinating atmosphere to discover this lost world. 

Here you can admire some of the most beautiful and most important species of poisonous and not poisonous snakes (cobra, green mamba, rattlesnake, burmese python), the red knee tarantula, the giant scorpion and some of the most beautiful existing butterfly (the curious owlet butterfly, the surprising leaf butterfly, the big cobra butterfly), the giant beetle, the stick insect and many other wonders of nature.

Open every day - from 11 am until 8 pm

Children 0 > 8 years FREE

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