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Free Alp is the name of our company, we are a team of mountain guides united by passion and love for our work, without these two feelings would not be able to realize our dream is finally taking shape! We believe in the idea of "group" and collaboration, why the idea of ??founding a company to represent us and to identify with.

Free Alp is our starting point, our beginning is the place where the particularexperiences of each of us brought us, is the adventure we wanted! Outdoor-Emotion-Activity breathe fresh air with excitement and activity fantastic landscapes and breathtaking scenery, from hiking to climbing, canyoning to ferrate, big walls up to theDolomites. Our motto is to bring everyone to the mountain, make it understand, appreciate, respect and to enjoy many different emotions can give us. That’s why ourname is Free Alp, mountain free, open to everyone from the smallest to the largest with which we share every day and we offer our experience.

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