Searching a new way, the Montura spirit.

Exploration, Adventure, Journey: Man has always been on the search – within himself and in the world outside – for new horizons, new expressions, new ways of life, new approaches to his surroundings.
This is the dimension Montura exists in: new routes to open up, new paths to shape, new roads to go down. A vision to fulfil.

Montura is for those with a goal, an objective to aim for, in search of a style to achieve it in. Every Montura product is designed and shaped where it’s needed: in the mountains, on a rock face. Into each one goes the experience and the endeavours of mountaineers, athletes, safety experts. Whether it’s a seam, a pocket, a particular material, every detail is an essential, natural part of a practical, functional whole designed for maximum comfort.

This explains Montura’s hands-on involvement in the projects of athletes committed to a variety of disciplines: ski mountaineers, climbers, high-altitude runners or mountaineers. They’re our travelling companions, those who accompany us on our adventures, our undertakings.
This is why we are able to recognise the needs and tune into the aspirations of men and women for whom the mountains are a way of life. It is through their eyes that we’re able to explore uncharted territory and bring ideas into sharp focus.

These ideas also take shape in Montura Editing: a workshop in which new concepts and interpretations are bounced off one another, offering an original, experimental approach to different emotions, different ways to see the world.

In search of new roads to travel. Naturally.

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