Since 1947

In the beginning

Omkafè was founded in 1947 by Ottorino Martinelli and his wife Maria, who shared the same dream and passion for setting up a “coffee company”. Their Casa del Caffè (House of Coffee) was located on via Maffei, in downtown Riva del Garda. In the back room, Mr. Martinelli created and roasted his own blends, and delivered his coffee to nearby towns and valleys on his bicycle. Several years later the management was handed down to his sons Renato and Remo, who successfully carried on the family business, always maintaining its spirit as a handicraft enterprise.

More than 60 years after it was founded, Omkafè is still a solid family-owned company. As always, the added value of handicraft production and a passion for research and innovation are the fertile soil where the fruits of our labor grow.

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