Our Olive Oil

a select line of DOP Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil characterized by its excellent quality. It is a deluxe product designed for gourmands, chefs, experts, professional tasters and those passionate about excellent cooking.
Uliva1111 - a select DOP Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained through even more demanding self-imposed qualitative regulations.
Uliva - selection of DOP Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the extreme north
The name 46° parallelo (46th Parallel) emphasizes that the olives used in production come from the northern-most position of olive production in the world. This oil expresses all of the characteristics tied with production at a northern latitude (precisely, 46 degrees north), this Mediterranean paradise in the heart of the Alps. This oil comes from a choice selection from each single batch of olives. The product line 46° parallelo was conceived for lovers of fresh air and well being who care about what they eat, nutrition, and a healthy, balanced diet.
46° PARALLELO - Natural Pureless - ORGANIC
46° PARALLELO - Natural Wellness - TRADITIONAL

This line is the mainstay of the Agraria and is produced to satisfy daily cooking needs without sacrificing either quality or the typical attributes of oil from the region. The Family line has been conceived for sale in local shops, traditional retail outlets and major grocery chains, and it is also available in the Agraria Food Court.
IMPERIALE DOP Garda Trentino
MOSTO D'OLIO unfiltered first pressing oil
ITALICO 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
LINEA QUADRA extra virgin oil for daily use

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