Be Wake System

Wakeboard school (fusion between water skiing, snowboarding and surfing )practicable for childrem ages 7 and up, drawn over the water by machinery very similar to the ski-lift .
The activity is always open from mid-April to and of September from 10:00 to 19.00.
We are waiting for you this new and fantastic experience.!!

Wakeboard fusion between water skiing, snowboard and surf, practicable from 7 years old drawn on the
water by machinery very similar to the ski-lift.

Body Board It consist of sliding on the water, kneeling or lying on a floating board. Appropriate for kids from 4 years old.

Stand up paddle (sup) it’s a variation of surfing, where you are standing on a floating board, using a paddle for pushing. It helps to improve the balance and usable for the practice of yoga.

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