Azienda Agricola Bertoldi (Grumel)

The Bertoldi farm with the experience gained over the years in the cultivation of the ancient olive trees is characterized by the production of extra virgin olive oil combining traditional farming techniques and respectful of the natural cycle of plants and innovative techniques of harvesting and extraction of olive oil.

There are many factors that incur in the production of an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, one of the factors that characterize the intensity and the smell of the oil is certainly given by the placement of the olive trees.

Located in the northern part of Lake Garda, in Garda Trentino, the olive grove of the Azienda Agricola Bertoldi stands out for the peculiarity of native species of the area. In particular from the Casaliva Cultivar (in local language "Drezzer"), a species that historically was introduced by the ancient Romans and that over the centuries has adapted to the microclimate of the lake area.

The zone of Alto Garda Trentino is considered to be one of the most extreme climatic environments for the cultivation of olive trees in the Mediterranean area, certainly one of the northernmost areas in Europe for this particular crop. This aspect substantially conditions the development of the plant, giving the local product some unmistakable characteristics that differentiate it from all the other oils produced in the world.

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