Balsamic Vinegar

The BALSAMICO TRENTINO, unique product in the region of Trentino, originates from cooking of the fruit juice of the grapes of this area (Gewürztraminers) with low heat.

The process to the production of the balm vinegar is long and complicated: He is stored in barrels of eight different wood (oak, Maulbeer, cherry, acacia, chestnut, ash, junipers, pear) which become smaller and smaller in her form.
Once a year he is poured and added, and for at least 11 years, besides, exclusively cooked fruit juice is added to win this unique and valuable product. 

Now 2 different kinds of Balsamico Trentino are at the possession:

BALSAMICO TRENTINO aged in durmast bangs 
BALSAMIC CRU aged in 8 different woods: oak, mulberry, chestnut, cherry, acacia, ash, juniper and pear.

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