Arboreto di Arco

A park with historical and Mediterranean perfumes

The Arboreto of Arco is a strip of the archducal park created in 1872 by Archduke Alberto of Habsburg, Emperor Francesco Giuseppe’s cousin, near the archducal villa, when Arco was the winter residence of the Imperial Austrian Court. The Arboreto, which original vegetation from various continents expanded thanks to Arco’s mild climate, still keeps some species planted out by the Archduke, like the majestic holm-oaks and the great conifers, the Lawson cypress and the huge sequoia.

From October to March - every day: 9 am > 4 pm
From April to September - every day: 8 am > 7 pm

Closed for redevelopment work from November 2019 until further notice

Free Entrance


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