Chiesa SS.Rocco e Vigilio - Riva del Garda

The small church SS.Rocco and Vigilio was built in 1512 and devastated, except the apse, in the first World War. In the niche of the marble altar we find the statue of St. Rocco: In the dome you can admire the frescos, stuccoes and puttos. On the left a memorial plague reminds the Archbishop of Riva, Don Giuseppe Ciolli di Stenico, who died in 1883. Next to the small church you find a war memorial in bronze (S. Zaniboni). Near the “burned door”, there are Veronese inscriptions dating back to 1383 and reminding the construction of the castle’s aqueducts administered by the Veronese Stefano de Picardi and governor Antonio della Scala.

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