Palazzo Panni

The historic Palazzo Panni, built in the late XVII century and situated at the entrance of Via Segantini, coming from the bridge over the river Sarca, once was the property of the noble Arco family as the coat of arms on the main entrance show. It was built by Giovambattista d’Arco, afterwards occupied by Count Emanuele d’Arco, man of culture and fine musicians.
At the end of the eighteenth century a wool mill was placed in the Palace, and it got the name Woollen Cloth Palace (Palazzo Panni). About 400 people worked there.
In the nineteenth century it was used for different activities: as a theatre, a fire station and kindergarten.
In the early nineteenth century it was purchased by the Istituto della Providenza and became a boarding school. During the fascist period it was transformed in Palazzo del Littorio
(The Fascist Palace).
Successively it was used as a School and from the nineties, after the recent restoration, it lodges the Councillor’s Office of Culture, the Public Library, The Fondo Antico Bruno Emmert and the Municipal Art Gallery G. Segantini.

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