Centrale Fies - Dro

The hydroelectric power plant in Fies is one of the most important testimonies of  industrial archaeology in this region. The old plant was transformed in theatre centre, in a territory that wasn’t in possess of such a structure because being too far from the metropolis. Therefore it tends to be isolated and marginated from the cultural and social trends assaulting the big cities bringing spirit, movement and renewal.
The Fies Plant is a centre of “spaces for the creation of performing arts” aiming to become a point of reference of contemporary culture for the Province Trentino and Italy, bringing innovatory events to the area and trying to involve more and more public and new generations, through aimed activities and a fair prices policy.
The Festival Drodesera Fies animates since several years this structure thanks to the partnership with the Enel.


Il Gaviale Soc. Coop.
Via Gramsci, 13 - 38074 Dro (TN)
Tel. 0464 504700

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Statale Dro - Pietramurata, (Dro)

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