I forti del monte Brione

The Brione has always attracted Man’s attention for its position on Lake Garda, a real promontory of the lake.
The story of the defence works of this mount begins in early times, in times of the Counts of Arco.

February 21, 1175 the brothers Fedrico and Odorico d’Arco assigned to their vassal, Isolano da Nago, the Brione Castle and some olive groves; but only in the Habsburg period the semicircular mount has an unimaginable expansion.
The assassination of Francesco Ferdinando and spouse in Sarajevo, 28 June 1914, makes a very deep impression on the European public opinion, but in spite of this event The Regional Austrian Imperial Government had already taken steps to fortify the Festungsabscnitt, that is, the southern fortified area overlooking Lake Garda.
The first fortifying phase coincides with  the defence plan made by General Kuhn von Kuhnenfeld, the day after the loss of Lombardia, after the Second Independence War.

Between 1860 and 1862  the construction of the forts on Mount Brione started.
Actually Garibaldi’s raid consolidates the suspicion about the Italian advance of the Val di Ledro towards Riva and Trento.
Like the evolvement of military technology between the end of the nineteenth century and halfway the first World War, also the building technique of the fortresses underwent architectural evolvement and Brione serves as a model, because here we find all Austrian-Hungarian generations of defence works. A unique example, still existing.

The fortified works of Brione consist in: the fort St.Nicolò, fort Garda, the Batteria di Mezzo, the fort St.Alessandro and an impressive series of emplacements disseminated on the mountain and they really make it an invincible fort.





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