Borgo Medievale di Canale di Tenno

The medieval village Canale di Tenno is an obligatory stop for those who desire to immerse themselves in the magic of a place of the past, where you breathe history, art and culture.

The village, entrenched on a mountain slope halfway Lake Garda and the Alps, has recently been included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy and this is not surprising: narrow paved alleys, arcades, small internal squares, houses set one against the other like in the ancient villages of the 13 century.
The village was abandoned after the war, but in the sixties it came back alive thanks to lively artistic and cultural activities. The Casa degli Artisti (Home of the Artists), dedicated to the artist Giacomo Vittone, has its seat here and is a residence and meeting place for artists from whole Europe.
Another Canale’s trump card is the beauty of its surrounding landscape: from its 570 metres you can admire the splendid Lake Garda, and behind it the imposing mountains, or you can reach Lake Tenno, one of the most cleanest stretch of water in Trentino, characterized by its intense turquoise colour and small islet.
We can’t deny that Canale di Tenno represents a “unique example” among the Trentino villages, a precious mountain village immersed in the soft Mediterranean atmosphere of Lake Garda.

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