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Do you need help to find an accomodation at Garda Trentino?

Do you need information about outdoor activities like: climbing,sailing, surf, trekking or via ferratas also for families? Are you searching for local excursions or for unforgettable day trips on board a motorboat, bus or why not on a vintage vespa? Do you want to buy discounted tickets for amusement or water parks. Have you ever thought about getting on the top of Monte Baldo by the panoramic cable car or thought of attending a liric show into the Arena? Here you find the tickets and you will skip the stressful queue at the cash desk!

Do you want to book a table at your favorite restaurant? Perfect! Come here and visit us or explore our online services, you are in the right place!

From this year it's also possible to buy travel tickets with Flixbus the new economic bus service that connect Lake Garda to Europe,

We are looking forward to helping you in planning your amazing holiday in Garda Trentino! 


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