Tesori Nascosti - Itinerario Il Marocco di Riva del Garda

A short walk through a secret corner of Riva. The "Marocco" quarter is part of the medieval village built on the rocks on the slopes of the mountain Rocchetta, against the old city wall. The name has nothing in common with the country in northern Africa: "marocca" is a local dialect nounin local dialect means large boulders: many of the houses in this neighborhood in fact incorporate landslide boulders and parts of the ancient walls of Riva, as can be seen in multiple places.

Start: La Rocca, Riva (Piazza Battisti 9)
End: Piazza 3 Novembre, Riva
Length: 700 m.
Duration: 30'
Elevation difference: 20 m.
Difficulty: easy

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Riva del Garda

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