Tesori Nascosti - Itinerario I Forti del Monte Brione

When Italy declared war on Austria in 1915, the southern part of Trentino came to be part of the front line. Expecting a new conflict with Italy, the area had been heavily fortified on the austrian starting as early as 1860. In the Garda area five “generations” of alpine forts can be found. The fortification buildings around Riva del Garda include the Tagliata del Ponale, Bellavista Fort, the battery on the shore, the San Nicolò Fort, the Garda Fort, the Midway Battery, the Sant’Alessandro Fort, two mortar batteries on Mount Brione, the Tombio Fort and the two Forts at Nago.

Start: Porto San Nicolò, Riva (Viale Rovereto 110)
End:  Porto San Nicolò
Length: circa 6,5 km
Duration: circa 2h30'
Elevation difference: 310m
Difficulty: medium
Notes: This walk is not suitable for wheelchairs. The area is a natural reserve, please keep dogs on a leash. Take water with you on summer days. 

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