Tesori Nascosti - Itinerario I Terrazzamenti Agricoli

Journey through the history and nature of Tenno. Starting with the town of Cologna and its many sacral works, you later visit the medieval village of Frapporta near Tenno, to finish with a long scenic walk through the area of the agricultural terraces, won from the mountain by generations of farmers.

Start: Parking in Cologna (1st part) and Parking in Tenno (2nd part)
End: Parking in TennoLength: 2 km.
Duration: 3h.
Elevation difference: 100m
Difficulty: medium
Notes: Use the car to move between Cologna and Tenno (this way, it is also suitable for families with strollers). Good shoes and water supply are recommended.

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Tenno - Lago di Tenno

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