Tesori Nascosti - Itinerario Con Goethe a Torbole

"The delicious spectacle of Lake Garda, I did not want to miss, and I am delightfully rewarded for my detour"

Easy route from Nago to Torbole, covering the brief visit of the poet Goethe in 1786, at the outset of his long trip in Italy.

Start: Piazza Gazzoletti, Nago
End: Via Matteotti, Torbole
Length: 1.5 km
Duration: 1h 30'
Elevation difference: 150 m.
Difficulty: easy (downhill)
Notes: Suitable for families and children, it is only suitable for stroller or wheelchairs in the latter half located in Torbole. 

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Torbole sul Garda - Nago

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