Tesori Nascosti - Itinerario Dürer Promenade

The Dürer itinerary follows a few pathways that, starting from the center of Arco reconstruct what must have been the route taken by the German painter at the end of the XV century (1495), when he spent some time in the locality and painted the famous watercolor painting of the castle of Arco surrounded by the village (currently in the Louvre). Dürer's visit in Arco took place during the blooming of the Renaissance, when Nicolò d'Arco and Jacopo Vargnano marked a particularly happy moment in the culture of Trentino, and especially of Arco.The path we invite you to walk is presented with a few texts, mostly from Dürer's time, that can give an idea of the pleasure and the amazement with which the German traveler entered the land of the Mediterranean sun, and what he saw or could have seen while wandering through the fields around the town, looking for the best view to immortalize in his painting. 

Start: Piazza 3 Novembre, Arco
End: Santuario Madonna delle Grazie, Varignano (Arco)
Length: 6 km
Duration: 3 h
Elevation difference: 50/60 m.
Difficulty: Medium
Notes: Return from Varignano to Arco also possible with bus Line 1.

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